Join us for Tea & Stories at Tea Amantes Blackpool – Tearoom & Gallery: 21.09.2023 at 6.30.

Unboxing a boy is a story about a boy growing up by taking the town’s tradition by meeting with the wisest of their lands to solve a question of his own. Unboxing a boy was inspired by Callin’s previous travels and the wonderful people that he met along the way.

The format began with following the poetic forms of Haikus and Tankas that was then altered to read as a modern tale.

The book aims to highlight well known but rarely spoken topics such as our relationship to ourselves and the positive impact we can have on others.

The art style was chosen after blending watercolor and what I thought japanese kohans would look like visually. (This was done Using MidJourney).

Callin is in his second year of university pursuing a creative writing degree.

These projects were born out of a presentation at university showing statistics on the number of books owned per child in different age groups, that fact that there was an unusually large section at all ages with no books revealed to me where we could help.

So Callin is using his partnership with Utilities warehouse to fund the printing costs of these books to give to children.

Limited spaces available!

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