“Rise and Shine, Little Man”:

Memories of a Seaside Childhood

by David Hogarth.

Special Pre-Publication Book Launch

This is the story of a young boy growing up in the seaside town of Blackpool.

 He is the youngest member of a typical loving family of four.

The era is the nineteen sixties and despite having a very close bond with his mother,

David has quite a job coming to terms with everything else.

This includes School, God, Santa Claus and pretty much all other categories in-between.

 Later in life when he loses his Mum to dementia aged 81, things begin to take a downwards turn.

The loss has affected him much more than he had ever expected. He loses interest in most things, until suddenly a number of unusual events begin to mysteriously point him back in the direction of all the things he loved – music, art and humour, to name but a few. Is someone somewhere trying to tell him something?

As events begin to unfold and the universe starts to make a lot more sense, David realises that maybe he is finally moving towards happiness and his true life’s purpose.

Rise and Shine is a nostalgic, sensitive, deeply honest and humorous retrospective, described with affection, detail and a unique perspective, not just on family life, but on life in an age now lost forever.

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7.45 – 8.30 book signing.

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