Mix Art Exhibition 15.11.2022 – 05.12.2022

Visit us and admire Mix Art Exhibition

at Tea Amantes – Tearoom & Gallery.

Our new exhibition opens at 9:30 am on 15 November 2022!

The exhibition will feature works by some artists who will appear in solo shows next year!!!

Most of the paintings come from our private collection.
Some prints are for sale.

Barbora Sharuzen Gazurova (Sharuzen) – Slovak tattoo artist and painter. SOLO exhibition in 2023! Do you want to know more about the artist? Visit Instagram: @sharuzen_art

Paul Wright – a local artist creating his works of real crystals and precious stones. SOLO exhibition in 2023!

Filip Pasieka – tattoo artist for almost 16 years.
He paints in oil and believes he is still developing on his style, which he would call loose realism.
Filip’s favourite painters are Michael Hussar, Oled Buiko and Jeff Gogue to name a few, with his favourite tattoo artist being Robert Hernandez.
Filip Pasieka was also a singer in a metal band called Makle Kfuckle when he was in Poland. SOLO exhibition in 2023!

Anna Ravliuc – Ukrainian painter with international exposure.
Ravliuc works exclusively with oil paints which she feels have a unique ability to simulate volumetric texture through brushstrokes and glazing, thus increasing their optical properties. SOLO exhibition in 2023!

Adrianna Grzelak – Polish tattoo artist and painter.
Adrianna admires Leonardo Da Vinci for his observing skills which opened gates to the art world to many.
Vincent Van Gogh for his passion, devotion and doing what his heart was telling him to do.
She participated in the production of “Loving Vincent”,
the first fully painted feature film as a painting animator, which was nominated for an Oscar. Collective exhibition in 2024! Do you want to know more about the artist? Visit Instagram: @art.aemgie

Maciej Nedynski – Polish tattoo artist, graphic artist and painter.
Maciej lives and works in Oslo. Collective exhibition in 2024! Do you want to know more about the artist? Visit Instagram: @ned.tattooer

Michal Detka – Artist at Tabasco Ink performs most realistic tattoos but at the same time, they are capable of mixing various styles. In his spare time, he paints.

Gzy Ex Silesia – Edinburgh based tattoo artist, illustrator and graphic Designer.

Robin Ross – once a DJ at pirate Radio Caroline, now a screen print artist with an ever-growing CV. Show’s in London, New York, Moscow.
Winner of the BBC1 program “Home is Where the Art Is”.

Richard Oughton – UK, North west based photographer creating images that are both modern and stylish.

The exhibition is open to the public, free of charge, and without the need to book an appointment!!!

The exhibition will run until the 5th of December 2022.

Tea Amantes – Tearoom & Gallery
53b Albert Rd,