The exhibition of artworks by Szidónia Gergely

02.05.2022 – 04.07.2022

Szidonia Gergely is a Hungarian artist.
She began drawing and painting at a young age by herself.

Her works are mainly portraits, figurative pieces that are reflective of traditional, contemporary and classical style of artworks.
Currently lives and works as a tattoo artist and freelance artist in England.

After moving countries from Hungary to London, Szidonia started her painting journey experimenting with acrylic.

The style of her around 2015/2016 /2017 representing more like loose , expressionistic way or creation.
She used her friends as a reference of her paintings.

As a professional tattoo artist,

her job has allowed her to travel and work in many different countries around the world,

drawing on a wide range of styles and influences.

After visiting many galleries in several countries Szidonia was inspired to experiment with oil paint and create a unique style.

Expanding her painting knowledge also helped her to develop a recognisable and distinctive tattoo style

using adaptations of traditional painting techniques for tattoo art.

“In my latest paintings I’m trying to capture every day life moments.

Using my own photos as reference,

I try to get a snapshot of when people are most natural in behaviour and composition wise,

this enables me to capture tiny insights into our beautiful life.“ – Szidonia Gergely.

A few photos from meeting with Szidónia Gergely and private viewing.
Great evening, thank you to everyone for being with us.

The exhibition of artworks by Szidonia Gergely
02.05.2022 – 06.06.2022
Tea Amantes – Tearoom & Gallery
53b Albert Rd,