Northern Exposures Contemporary Street Photography in the North West

01.04.2024 – 05.05.2024

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you for an exciting exhibition organized by a dynamic group of photographers,

this exhibition promises to be a celebration of street photography and the vibrant culture of the North.

“Street photographers are, in general, a fairly insular breed of enthusiasts. ‘StreetSnappers North West’ arose out of a desire for photographers to meet up socially, produce new work and improve our skills.

The group now totals 15 members based throughout the northwest. We are all members of a large, successful, national street photo collective ‘StreetSnappers’ founded and run by Brian Lloyd Duckett.

Brian runs multiple workshops each year in this country and overseas, publishes an annual yearbook and provides a lively forum on Facebook/Meta for street photographers to share images, critiques and get to know what’s happening in the world of SP.

Our local team consists of male and female photographers with differing levels of skill and experience – in fact, some are more comfortable with landscapes, portraits or abstracts than with candid shots of the public.

Others have won awards for their work. Planning and pulling together this exhibition at the Garrick is a first for us all and we’re very much ‘learning on the job’ – but not lacking enthusiasm.

Street photography is arguably one of the toughest genres in photography but has, nevertheless, become one of the most popular. Why..?

It is in part about creating a sense of order and extraordinariness from the chaotic jumble of everyday life. It allows us to take time to observe our environment and show what otherwise might not be seen.

Photography on the streets can be a solitary preoccupation, photographers love to share work, ideas, techniques face to face.

It can be daunting photographing strangers in public, so a bit of company, mutual support and humour helps with motivation and creativity.

I suspect most SPs would not consider themselves as ‘artists’, yet most aspire to artistic attributes such as originality, relevance and impact in their work.” – Rob Mandel.

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just starting your journey, we welcome all enthusiasts who share a passion for capturing the essence of our surroundings through the lens.

We look forward to your involvement and the opportunity to celebrate the art of photography together.

Private view: Monday 01.04.2024 at 6.30 pm.

We can’t wait to see you all!

Tea Amantes – Tearoom & Gallery
53b Albert Rd,