09.01.2023 – 06.02.2023

Private view Monday 09.01.2023 at 6.30pm.

Emilia Zogo was born in Poland but has lived in Blackpool for the past 10 years. To be fluent in English, she attended college for a few years and then progressed to university to graduate in photography this year with a BA Hons.

Her love for photography started when she was a 7-year-old little girl. She fell into nature and travel photography but when she was 15 years old her path in photography took a turn to fashion photography focusing on portraits.
Since then, her professional focus remained in local areas of Poland and then Blackpool.

“Throughout my life I have been taking pictures in colour, but I finally understood black and white photography. I came to realisation, that this is my inner self. I see and feel more in black and white. The projects I am working on, depend on my mood, interests and on what I want to experience through the lens.” – Emilia Zogo.

In September 2019, Emilia started studying photography at the Blackpool School of Arts
(Blackpool and the Fylde college). Even though she loved fashion and portraits, she had to attend other photography genres and try new things. Then everything changed. Emilia discovered fine art and she fell in love with it. During the final year, she could express herself the way she wanted on one project, thus she wandered between mixed media and fine art photography. At that point, she realised that she doesn’t want to focus only on one genre of photography but two or even three.

Emilia loves working on engaging projects to keep her on track, thus when the first lockdown hit, she was documenting Blackpool and published her first Zine. Emilia came to the realisation that photography is not just a passion or joy anymore, but a lifestyle and a therapy for body and mind. Documenting Blackpool and other cities in the way she does, gives her strength, self-confidence, and the ability to experience the world slowly and fully.

Emilia’s work depends on her mood, interests, and the experiences she wants to live through.


09.01.2023 – 06.02.2023

Private view Monday 09.01.2023 at 6.30pm.

A few photos from private viewing.

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