The exhibition of Anna Ravliuc-Bloomfield

07.04.2022 – 02.05.2022

“Blackpool based Ukrainian artist sells paintings to raise funds for Ukraine.

“With my paintings I want to remind people about eternal truths, which have been forgotten in turmoil of nowadays. With my colours I want to revive our sacred dreams and desires, which faded from our memory. With my lines I want to make our hearts sing once again…

I understand that an artist cannot stop or prevent wars. But even if for once, my painting could stop a hand raised to hit, or would dry a tear that is streaming from innocent eyes – at that moment, I shall know, I didn’t live and created in vain.” – Anna Ravliuc-Bloomfield.

Anna Ravliuc-Bloomfield.

A few photos from meeting with Anna Ravliuc-Bloomfield and private viewing.

Great evening, thank you to everyone for being with us.

“WAR, in my home country there is now war. It started a long time ago, but the brain refused to accept it. Not only mine, everyone’s, it was like a bad dream, a parallel reality. Now it’s a real nightmare, painful, shocking, ugly… I don’t live in Ukraine right now, I can’t take a weapon in my hand to defend my country from occupants and I’m so sorry I can’t send consistent financial support.

I am a fine artist, in the middle of the road and all my wealth are paintings, which I paint and sell.

Now, I am selling some of my paintings and all the money from the sales will be transferred to the volunteers, to help the boys, who are fighting with the occupants.

I’m selling my paintings for a reduced price and all the money will be send to support Ukraine. Please support to spread the message.

I have never asked virtual society to help me personally, even when I was going through hard times, but now I am on my knees pleading to help me! By buying these paintings, you’ll be helping with actions those who are now fighting the Russian invasion. This is what I can do as an artist, woman, human and Ukrainian.” – Anna Ravliuc-Bloomfield.

“Anna Ravliuc is rising UK painter with international exposure. Ravliuc works exclusively with oil paints which she feels have a unique ability to simulate volumetric texture through brushstrokes and glazing, thus increasing their optical properties. Her artwork strives to reveal how society spreads beyond its own subjective horizons and often reveals a story about the outcomes of global cultural interaction on individuals.” – www.singulart.com

Anna is exhibiting her works in order to raise money for victims of the war in Ukraine. All sales/money from some of the paintings will go to the charities in support of Ukraine. And a part/percentage of the sales from other paintings will also go to the Ukrainian support. Funds will be send directly to volunteers and fighters helping to stop the Russian invasion.

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07.04.2022 – 02.05.2022

Tea Amantes – Tearoom & Gallery
53b Albert Rd,