Halloween 2023

19.10.2023 – 05.11.2023

Exploring the Fears of Halloween and Beyond: AI-Phobia and the Survival of Artists.

As Halloween draws near, we confront an array of fears that make the season so spine-tingling.
But one fear that extends beyond Halloween is AI-Phobia, an anxiety disorder rooted in an irrational dread of artificial intelligence and AI systems.

Can artists coexist with AI, or is this a battle for survival?

AI, in its simplest form, is a helper and an assistant.

It’s not here to replace you but rather to shoulder substantial portions of your work.
For artists and professionals alike, this means evaluating your field and daily tasks.
It involves discerning which aspects can be automated and handed over to AI.

Professionals must evolve and adapt.

Rather than viewing AI as a foe, consider it a partner in the creative process,
amplifying your abilities and expanding your creative horizons.

The collaboration between human ingenuity and AI innovation can yield remarkable results.

So, while AI may spark some apprehension, it’s more likely to be a treat than a trick for those who embrace it as a creative ally.

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